The Cambell River Salmon Fishing

Just got this e-mail through from my friend Ian who is currently fishing and tackle testing on the Cambell River in Vancouver….. Hard job but somebody has to do it!


Hi James,


First visit to the river: 26th August 2011


Went on the Campbell River this afternoon for a couple of hours. Weather was really hot, about 34 degC and bright sunshine. Arrived at the bridge to be welcomed by a black bear fishing below me. Today I wanted to try the new Shakespeare Expedition 7 piece, 9ft 6in #8 rod, so I walked upstream to get to the log boom and try for some of the Pink Salmon. Just before the log boom there was another black bear at one end of a footbridge while I was standing at the other, hmm, stand-off, then he decided to go off into the bush, so no problem, phew!


Got onto the log boom and cast out, plenty of fish showing, just porpoising within easy casting distance. The soft action of this rod made it ideal for rolling out a short line with a fast sinking tip. Sure enough, within ten seconds the line had tightened up and we were into the first fish. It took a while to bring it in and I was impressed with the way the smaller Pflueger Trion reel coped with the pressure once the drag was cranked up. The rod was well bent into the fish, but handled it well. The fish was about eight pounds (picture below).



Since we seemed to be in a good spot I carried on fishing there and three or four casts later was into another fish, this time it was a hen pink, smaller but fresher. Again the versatility of this little rod coped with the runs and she was brought into the side quite quickly (picture below).



I hiked another half mile up the river and tried another spot, second cast and we had another male pink about seven pounds. Enough for one day, job done!


Ian Davis

BC Fishing ltd

Fishing on Vancouver Island


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