Salmon Fishing on the South Tyne

Salmon Fishing on the South Tyne – July 23rd 2011

Finally we had some rain and I decided to head up at the weekend for some Salmon fishing on the South Tyne.

I was fishing above Hexham and the river level on Saturday morning was 50cm above normal level and dropping, perfect!

I’m really enjoying my Salmon fishing now days and tend to fish the fly in preference to spinning. I am only an average caster with a double handed rod and enjoy the challenge of learning new casts and trying to improve! Also the feeling when you hook a salmon on the fly is fantastic and the anticipation of the take and fight on a fly rod is seriously addictive.




14ft Oracle XT (9/10)

Trion Salmon Reel

Prototype Shakespeare Sink Tip Line

15lb Trilene 100% Flurocarbon

Ally’s Shrimp Fly: Size 11 Double Salar


I had fished a few likely looking pools in the morning with no luck. However the bankside telegraph was buzzing with reports of fish being caught.

I moved to a lower pool and changed my fly from a tube to a size 11 double.

After a few casts I had a positive take and a fish was hooked. I played the fish hard but it still took about 10 mins to land striping me down to my backing twice, what a powerfull fish!

I was extremely relived to get this fish in the net! It was very fresh fish with a couple of sea lice still on its back and measured 37inchs in length and estimated at 17lb. The fish was hooked firmly in the scissors but was easily unhooked.

I spent about 10 mins reviving and admiring the fish before it swam of very strongly, just awesome! I did fish for a few more hours but was soon persuaded to celebrate in the pub with my mates!  


Finally here is also a shot of another great looking fish that I took back in the spring……


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