Fly Fishing at Packington Fishery – 25th March 2011

This session was my first time out trout fishing this year and I was really looking forward to fly fishing again. The weather was looking good and after such a long cold winter it was so nice to be fishing in the sun, it felt that spring had finally sprung.

A group of us from work had booked three boats on the Hall Pool at Packington fisheries near Coventry and I was sharing a boat with Jan Mertens.

Jan is a colleague from Belgium and as he had only fly fished once before, my main objective was to help him improve his casting and hopefully catch his first trout on the fly.

Tackle used:

10ft Shakespear Trion XT 7wt fly rod

Shakespeare Trion Fly Reel

Worcestershire 7WF Floater Line

6 and 8lb Trilene 100% Flurocarbon

Flies: Buzzers, Diawl Bach, CDC

Whist the rest of the group headed to the deeper water towards the dam end, we decided to fish a quite area to the left side of the boat house. We felt this would give a Jan a good chance to practice his casting without the pressure of everyone watching! Also it would be interesting to see if we could see any fish feeding in the shallower water.

Although Jan’s casting was understandably limited, he improved quickly and was soon casting a distance that would give him a fair chance of catching. A nice ripple blew up and soon we spotted fish rising and moving fairly close to the boat. I hooked a fish on a black buzzer and quickly handed the rod to Jan so he could experience playing a fish on a fly rod. The fish was about 2lb but fought hard and Jan was impressed by the power of the fish and also its great condition, like a bar of silver!

I quickly caught three or four similar fish casting into the slight wind and retrieving the team of 3 buzzers very slowly. It’s a lovely feeling when the fly line tightens up and you are suddenly attached to a very angry trout!

Jan followed suite and after about one hour hooked his first trout on the fly.

To say he was happy would be an understatement, especially when after some seriously powerful runs the fish surfaced and we saw its size… was huge! I made a mess of the first netting attempt but thankfully we landed the fish on the second attempt. We took a quick photo of the fish that was over 10lb and returned it. As a very experienced carp angler I know Jan has caught some seriously big carp, but this super fish and new experience of fly fishing put a big smile on his face!

We continued to catch fish and noticed that we caught more fish when the ripple was present and also when we moved to a new spot. I caught a lovely fish around 6lb that fought vey hard although Jan was quick to point out that it was nothing like as big has his beast!

We then had a rather random call from Stewart. He had caught a decent bream and wanted a photograph…..


We estimated the bream was between 6 and 7lb, what a shock! Especially when you consider it took a white lure and was firmly hooked in the mouth!

After about 5 hours fishing we decided to call it a day. We meet up with the other guys and it was apparent everyone had had a very special day with good fish been taken all around the lake. Nothing could beat Jan’s big trout though and he’s already threatening a return trip!


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