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Winter warmers……

It seems a long time ago that I wrote my last blog way back in October. This is not so much due to the time it has taken for me to put this one together but more due to the change we see that happens each year at this time in the weather. Gone are the last of those late autumn nights where despite the fact that the year is heading towards its end, if you get the odd cloudy spell you can still have quite a pleasant evenings angling. The last of the year’s frogs still occasionally find their way into the bivvy at night and we all hope that those big old girls will be doing the same down below the surface and searching for the last of the year’s available food. Now those precious nights are replaced with the onslaught of cold and instead of hoping to see a few carp head and shouldering in the morning mist as we site clutching the first coffee of the day, we are left hoping that the frost isn’t so thick as to start the inevitable freeze up that will no doubt soon be on its way. It is certainly a time of change within the angling world not only for the fish but as well for us the angler, but it can be a time of great reward!
Although I am probably missing out on some captures at this time of year I try to fish around the weather. I know this is not possible for all or is not everyone’s favourite way of angling (I myself have a friend who is booked up on almost constant work and when he sets a date to go fishing that is when he goes). Life dictate’s this for many an angler but if like me you have that inexhaustible appetite for angling then these pre booked days are simply just not enough. Cancel appointments, let fiends down, squeeze family time as tight as you can get away with, these are all common events to me simply because of my passion to catch a fish. Is this a bad trait to display in your character? My answer would have to be no, I believe it is a gift and fortunately one that lets me escape from the world we live in and at a moment’s thought put me in a better place. To most the Sunday farmers forecast of wet and windy weather coming in from the south west paints a dreary picture of wet and dark commutes to and from work, but to me this same forecast excites me into a frenzy of organising any available over time or shifting family plans and responsibilities. This fish to the weather attitude is something that keeps me going through the dark and cold nights of winter. The pre baiting has been done and is still on going as often as possible when the lake is free from ice, rigs are tied and ready and the gear is slimmed down to be accustomed to short session angling. All that is needed is nature’s wink that she might deliver those sought after conditions and I’m ready to take advantage.
So has this approach caught me any carp since I last blogged? You bet. A brace of cold water carp one just shy of thirty and the other just over. Another fine twenty common on another session and a few very welcome doubles thrown in, plus I had a great day out with a young budding carp angler of the future and his father(check out the pictures on JRC face book page) where we all caught some hard fighting cold water carp. All these fish came to short sessions mainly just days and all were caught on the soon to be released Peach and Black Pepper gulp boillies.

Before I leave you this month I would like to address a re occurring question that seems to keep cropping up about some of the blogs I have posted. Quite a few people have shown an interest my content on some of the game fishing that I have done over the course of the season, with most people enquiring how to go about catching their first Salmon. Now these migratory fish are not normal like carp and pike in fact they are very much the opposite in that they do not feed in fresh water. This makes angling for them a little hit and miss to say the least but with a little thought and effort a result is quite possible and is an experience that I would recommend to any angler no matter what back ground. After giving the subject some thought I intend over the next few weeks to try to write a short but hopefully informative guide to where I think you have a good chance of bagging your first Salmon, nothing long and boring just a quick few paragraphs on tackle and a couple of places that I can recommend through experience of visiting. So to all that have asked keep posted and I’ll try to help you out.
Tight lines to you all
Ellis Brazier.

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