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The dog’s Bloxx!‘Compact’, ‘stealthy’ and ‘great value for money’ are words synonymous with a long list of bivvies from JRC – and that’s going to continue… 10 Jun 2015 / by CARPology
You wait long enough all week, wishing you could be on the bank, that when your ‘weekend pass’ does finally arrive, the last thing you want to be doing is spending most of the that time getting your bivvy up. ‘Bish, bash, bosh’, it’s up and you’re fishing is what’s required – although you may be changing that term slightly to ‘bish, bash, bloxx’ once you’ve seen this new shelter from JRC.

So how does that work – is it complicated or difficult to use?
No, not at all, because the main design point is speed and being able to put the bivvy up quickly, so the JRC Bloxx is essentially very easy to erect as well. Simply stand at the front doorway, pull the first two ribs (right and left) towards you and all five ribs instantly come around in an accordion-like way. Pop in the peak poles and bivvy is ready to peg out in seconds.

I’m getting confused: you refer to the Bloxx as a ‘shelter’, which sounds like a brolly, but then called it a bivvy, which to me sounds ‘tent-like’ – so which is it?
We’ve referred to Bloxx as both a fishing shelter and bivvy because you really can’t label it as just one or the other, as it is really is both types of bankside accommodation rolled into one! Great, thanks for that! Now I’m more confused?
Sorry, let us explain. One of the best things about the Bloxx is the versatility gained from its design and features, making the bivvy suitable for a multitude of different fishing situations and scenarios. Take a day session for example: the Bloxx can be set-up without the included groundsheet and with the infill panel zipped out for an open fronted, ‘brolly-like’ shelter. If it’s a warm-weather overnight trip to the lake, then leave the front panel zipped in but take advantage of the mozzy mesh panels and rear vents which keep the bugs out but allowing a cooling airflow to run through the bivvy. Encounter a sudden shower, then utilise the two-way door system to create a ‘letterbox’ style opening to keep you dry but still allow for a full view of your swim. Perhaps you’d like to increase the internal space a little, say for a trip to France? No problem, simply add the wrap (sold separately) that will also give you a warmer, condensation-free bivvy in the colder months.

Sounds brilliant, but what’s the catch? Hang on, I know, it weighs a tonne, right?
Weighing in at less than 10-kilos is far from heavy.Yeah, you’re right, that’s not heavy, but I’ve had lightweight bivvies before – they either leak like a sieve or faint at the first gust of wind?
The Bloxx and available wrap are made from a 10,000 HH waterproof material and all the seams are taped throughout to provide 100% waterproof protection from the elements. As for stability in high winds – well, we can assure you first hand that the Bloxx won’t budge an inch, as we used the bivvy in the pictures seen here during northerly winds pushing well over 30mph! Cool. Anything else I should know?
Only that the Bloxx comes complete with a heavy-duty groundsheet, pegs, heavy-duty carry bag and you should go out and get one!“GIMME”: JRC Stealth Bloxx Bivvy, £259.99; Overwrap £139.99; jrc-fishing.co.uk
Price: £259.99

Material: 10,000 HH waterproof material
Weight: 10kg (including heavy-duty groundsheet and pegs)
Included: Heavy-duty pegs, groundsheet and oversized carry bag
Optional extras: Overwrap, £139.99


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