November Blog…..Paul Garner

I can think of few months when I have spent so much time on the bank as i did in November, yet my results have been resolutely poor to say the least. That is not to say that some fantastic fish have not put in an appearance for my friends, guess and boat partners, for […]


Reservoir Ramblings……Paul Garner

Over the last few weeks it has been quite shocking how many friends have commented on how tired I am looking. Now, if it was just one or two people then I would have put it down as one of ‘those things’, but the comments have kept coming. Bags under my eyes, deepening wrinkles spreading […]

Back on the Big Ponds

For the last 2 years the big East Anglian reservoirs have opened in early September and for 2 years they have fished badly. Coincidence? I don’t think so. This year, as with last, the weather was hot, with bright days and water temperatures into the teens. Not great predator fishing conditions, but the lure of […]

Scottish Adventures……Paul Garner

Scottish Adventures With work just about wrapped up, it was time to load the van and head north with my old friend Gordy Howes from St Ives Lakes in Cambridgeshire. Each year we normally manage an extended trip away somewhere fishing. Past ‘somewheres’ have included a couple of trips to the Ebro in search of […]